andre hornischer

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speaker #1 | 63 x 44,5 cm
speaker #2 | 63 x 44,5 cm
speaker #3 | 63 x 44,5 cm
speaker #4 | 63 x 44,5 cm
speaker #5 | 63 x 44,5 cm


Five Speakers. The central speaker is camouflaged like a figur out of the movie "Tron" (1982). Using intelligent gestures, the figures are creating harmonic dancing figures. Information is less important than seeking the perfect form.

The word "Redner" is an anagram. Redner/render (german "speaker")


Paul Potts. Trader of mobiles, gladiator, projection field of yearning and false self-assessment. We are yous, Telecom!


He is an East coast Intellectual of the USA. His roots are jewish. He has just become a professor on a West coast university. He hates Woody Allen and denies, ´cause of the "one drop rule", his relationship.


Bill Cosby, James Brown and Fifty Cent, Josephine Baker and Martin Luther King. Malcolm X., Gutenberg, Calvino, Byron. "All countries of my ancestors. No, I have never made a genom analysis. Did you? Nowadays they are examining a gene sequence of the mother´s side. ´cause it´s easier"


I will bring you on my side because of my specialized knowledge, my charisma and my eloquence. I know I have to make up my age, but ten years later I have to justify my age. The reasons are sinecures, to use the old fashioned expression. To pay not for a position, to pay in advance for an unknown, probably vacant position. To acquire customs.

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